NutririonThe experts at the World Cancer Research Fund declared that cancer is a highly preventable disease all along. The battle against cancer is always a well-fought one, with more people being aware of this disease and others who are reaching out to help.

To prevent cancer, follow this eight-step nutrition program as prepared by the WCRF:

1. Eliminate body fat.

Regularly measure your body fat index to be sure you’re within the healthy zone. Overweight individuals are more prone to developing a host of diseases, including cancer.

2. Perform regular physical activities.

Being physically active can help your body fight cancer better. Brisk walking for 30 minutes everyday is enough to make you look good and feel good.

3. Limit intake of sugary foods and drinks.

Sugary foods can affect your body’s normal processes. Too much of it may lower down your defenses against cancer.

4. Capitalize on foods obtained from plants.

Green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits contain nutrients that can act as the body’s protection against cancer.

5. Cut out on processed meats and red meats.

Red meat and processed meats are not as nutritious as white meat, which are the better sources of protein needed by the body.

6. Avoid alcoholic drinks.

Alcoholic drinks contain ethanol that could disrupt the normal functions of the blood and the vital organs.

7. Watch your salt intake.

Salty foods and salt-preserved foods affect one’s blood pressure negatively.

8. Don’t rely too much on dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements may be good for the health. But don’t rely on them if there were natural food sources to the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.