If everyone only eats five portions of fruits and vegetables everyday, chronic diseases, heart problems and cancers are not likely to develop.

Eating healthy foods is always the key to longevity and overall wellness. However, fruits and vegetables are the most neglected food items these days. Everybody, most especially the senior citizens, would greatly be helped by the five-a-day fruit and veggies meal diet plan.

To achieve this, a portion or two of fruits or vegetables in every mealtime is necessary. And then add another portion for snacks to complete the quota. Fruits are always the healthier snack option. It is the best alternative to chips and bars that people are mostly fond of these days.

Fruits and vegetables that are rich in Vitamins A and C are most preferable. High-fiber goodies are going to help a lot as well. Try to add a few servings of cruciferous and green leafy vegetables throughout the week and you’re all set.

Whenever possible, go for fresh fruits and vegetables rather than the canned version. While the canned types are mostly ready-to-eat and are easier to prepare, you’ll soon see that the fresh ones are much tastier. Who knows, they may even transform you into a real vegetarian some time in the future.