Soymilk is a very much overlooked health food. The nutrition value of soymilk is so great that people are actually advised to take them on a daily basis. In fact, soymilk is the best food for the heart. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says that 25 grams worth of soy protein everyday can reduce the risks of heart disease in a person.

To maintain a healthy heart, it is important for one to watch their cholesterol level. And this is exactly what soy milk does. It helps you in your fight against cardiovascular diseases, especially when matched with the right exercise and diet. Soymilk can help reduce LDL or the bad cholesterol count, while increasing the levels of good cholesterol inside the body.

Soymilk is the best added to your morning bowl of cereal. It can also be taken as it is, or added to fresh fruits. Soy yogurt is also available these days and they are the best alternative to dairy yogurt. Generally speaking, soy milk can be substituted to cow’s milk in almost all occasions.

Soymilks that have added nutrients such as Omega-3 and DHA are your best choices. Aside from the above mentioned nutritive value, soymilk also contains calcium and protein that’s good for the bones and for maintaining a fit, slender body.