There are innumerable parameters on the basis of which our mother Earth can be bifurcated, but these silent wanderers of Starvation and Obesity seem to have ‘No dead end’. The unremitting presence of Starvation and correspondingly rampant Obesity are a clear indication of our complacent attitude towards these “Lifestyle Disorders”, which claim to kill more people worldwide as compared to terrorism, a statistics significantly proclaimed at the Oxford Health Alliance Summit.


Starvation, the very word which brings in pictures of hollow ribs, hungry faces, and scrawny bodies is by and large the single gravest threat to world’s public health, according to World Health Organization (WHO) which is estimated to have killed 25,000 people in 2003, with some 800 million people chronically undernourished.

Obesity, in technical terms refers to the state of BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 kg/m2 or higher causing excess body fat to get accumulated, reducing life expectancy remarkably. To quote, in States, obesity takes second in death toll after smoking. Urbanization and extensive use of technology has gifted a sedentary lifestyle to mankind, where movement has been reduced from the office desk to the armchair in front of the television set that too via a cab.

It’s simple; it’s a Now or Never situation, no time for second thoughts!!!