Information on water, its importance in our diet and the functions it plays in our body.

Water is life! It plays a very important role in living things. In fact, water accounts for about 70% of the total body weight in men and about 60% in women.

About 40 liters of water are present in a man weighing 65 kg. Out of these 40 liters, intracellular fluids account for about 28 liters and the other 12 liters are accounted by extracellular fluids. Extracellular water consists of 2 to 3 liters in plasma and the remainder is interstitial fluid.

Constant replenishment of water is necessary because, a large amount of water is lost each day in feces, sweat and urine. Normally, this loss of water is balanced by intake of food and drinking of water to satisfy thirst. If the intake does not balance the water loss, it can result in dehydration with severe consequences.

Functions of water

Water plays a vital role in the human body. Some of the functions include:

It provides a moist internal environment which is required by all living cells in the body to perform life processes
It participates in all the chemical reactions which occur inside and outside the body cells
It dilutes, softens and moistens the food for easy digestion
It regulates body temperature through perspiration.
It helps in transportation of substances to various parts of the body in soluble forms.
It dilutes waste products and poisonous substances in the body
It provides the medium for the excretion of waste products.

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